UFO Frenzy

UFO Frenzy pays homage to the golden age of video games: the 1980's. The images, sounds and gameplay have the retro look and feel that millions grew up with. If you never played the classics from the 80's, come experience a game where the action never ends if you're good enough.

Pilot your rocket through space as you shoot UFOs that attack faster and faster as the game progresses.  Fly and shoot with independent controls so that you can fly in one direction and fire your weapon in another. UFOs damage your shield as they strike you.  If you get hit when your shields are gone, your mission is over. However, you have some tools in your corner: collect items to repair your shield, fly over smart bombs to add to your arsenal, and fire your weapon in full automatic mode with one touch.

Surrounded with no escape?  Detonate a smart bomb to destroy all of the UFOs in the area.  

Compete with players around the world for a high score in Game Center and earn personal achievements.

Blast off! 

Click here to locate "UFO Frenzyl" in the App store on iTunes.