Two Points

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If you are a math student or math teacher, “Two Points” will be one of your best friends.   Business Analysts, Engineers, Architects, and other professionals will also consider this application to be essential.  

The concept is simple, and the execution is elegant.  Simply enter the X and Y coordinates of two points and instantly learn about the points themselves, the segment between them, and the line they fall upon.  With the push of a button, this application shows you:  

  • The points in polar notation
  • The coordinates of the midpoint 
  • The distance between the points 
  • The slope of the line through the points 
  • The slope of any perpendicular line 
  • The X intercept of the line 
  • The Y intercept of the line 
  • The equation of the line 

This application handles vertical lines correctly!

Since it’s crucial for students to understand the concepts behind the formulas, “Two Points” also provides a thorough explanation of the computations that are performed.  Math students will love the ability to check their homework answers quickly.  Teachers and other professionals will appreciate the ability to discover a wealth of information in the blink of an eye.

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