Calculus Pro

Calculus has been known to bring students to tears. Now you have an expert in your corner.

This application contains a rich collection of examples, tutorials, and solvers for the following topics:
  • Limits
  • Continuity
  • Differentiability
  • RDQ, LDQ, SDQ and NDQ
  • Equations of Tangent Lines
  • Partial Derivatives
  • Implicit Differentiation
  • Chain Rule
  • Product Rule
  • Quotient Rule
  • Related Rates Problems
  • Optimization Examples (Min/Max)
  • Derivatives of Inverse Functions
  • Taylor and Maclaurin Series
  • Derivative Tables
  • Derivatives of Integrals
  • Arc Length
  • Riemann Sums
  • Fluid Problems
  • Double Integrals
  • Integration by Parts
  • Definite and Indefinite Integrals
  • Volumes of Solids of Revolution
  • Cross Sectional Volumes
  • Integral tables
  • Position, Velocity and Acceleration
  • Theorems
There are numerous solvers, but there aren't solvers for every topic.

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